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Call Tracking for Lawyers

by CallTrackingMetrics

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It’s no secret that legal marketing experts need to be on top of their game. Call tracking for lawyers is key to doing that and staying competitive in this industry. 

The legal industry is not only highly competitive to win (and retain) clients, but some marketing efforts and paid keywords can be more expensive. This makes call tracking for law firms essential so you know exactly which marketing efforts are working–and which aren’t. 

Call tracking for lawyers gives teams the full attribution picture to make smarter, data-backed decisions and can consistently: 

  • Improve return on investment (ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Stretch their marketing budgets and do more with less
  • Drive revenue 
  • Drive more best-fit cases and clients
  • Fine-tune campaigns, ads, keywords, and messaging
  • Create more accurate buyer personas

Legal marketing experts who aren’t getting comprehensive attribution data are flying blind, and missing out on this crucial data and the benefits that having the right information brings. 

This comprehensive attribution data – knowing how, when, and where your clients are responding to your ads and becoming paying customers across both online and offline activity is called “closed-loop attribution”.  But how can you get full, closed-loop attribution data that includes all online and offline activity? The answer is modern call tracking for lawyers. 

Call Tracking for Lawyers

Newspaper mock up showing a legal services ad as an example of call tracking for lawyers.

Call tracking in marketing refers to tying offline activity, like a phone call or text, back to the source that drove it whether that source is online like a paid ad, or offline like a billboard ad. Call tracking completes the marketing attribution picture and gives full visibility into all online and offline advertising. 

Commonly used marketing attribution platforms like Google Analytics don’t account for offline activities unless they are integrated with call tracking. For industries where phone calls are common (like the legal services industry), it’s essential to know which part of your marketing efforts are making the phone ring. 

Lawyers may take out a billboard ad or a bus wrap in addition to digital marketing efforts like paid ads and search engine optimization (SEO). As calls come in, your team benefits from knowing which efforts are driving them. That paid ad from last week? The Q2 bus wrap? A bus wrap from that one particular neighborhood? 

If you don’t know which is driving the most conversions, you could be wasting a lot of money and that’s where call tracking for lawyers is crucial. 

Graphic of a computer screen showing legal services and a line of code for call tracking.

And, going along with our example, those individuals who see the bus wrap will see an entirely different number–often a vanity number which also works with call tracking. 

Call tracking uses dynamic number insertion (DNI) to automatically swap the phone number being shown based on where that person is looking at it. For example, someone viewing your ad on LinkedIn will see a different phone number than another person who views a sponsored ad on Google. 

Armed with this information from call tracking, teams know exactly which channels and ads are driving the most valuable calls, which helps them focus on their most effective marketing efforts–and stop wasting money on the ineffective ones. In the legal industry, this is essential to stay competitive and thrive. 

But that’s not all. 

Call tracking for lawyers can do more than just show you which of your efforts are working the best. As mentioned, it can help you to attract the best-fit cases, improve speed to lead, gain visibility into your sales team’s activities, and streamline your tech stack. 

Here’s how…

  1. Maximize Paid Ad Results

Paid ads can be expensive, especially for legal-focused keywords. This makes it critical to give PPC specialists both online and offline data about how their ads are performing. Going on your gut alone can lead to costly mistakes. 

Once marketers add call tracking to their marketing strategy, they often find ads (and channels) they thought were driving valuable leads actually weren’t. And conversely, you’ll see which ads really are driving the best results. With the high cost of legal keywords, you must have this information to improve ROAS and get the most from your marketing dollars. 

“When we came to CallTrackingMetrics accurate attribution was our biggest problem. We realized off-site ads like Google My Business weren’t even being counted in our attribution data.” 
-Brandon Caballero, Director of Analytics at Hennessey Digital

Check out CTM’s bi-directional integration with Google Ads that automatically sends call data to inform smart bidding. 

  1. Attract Best-fit, High-Value Cases Consistently

Call tracking as part of a comprehensive marketing attribution strategy lets you gather large amounts of data and automatically assess it. AI-powered tools like AskAI provide instant conversation summaries and answer questions like: 

  • Is this a good lead? 
  • What keyword did they search for?
  • What is the intent of this caller? 

This makes it possible to easily identify patterns, determine what attracts the cases and clients you want most, and keep your pipeline full of them. 

Pair this information with other details from call tracking like geographic location, income level, and education level to fine-tune your buyer persona and messaging to attract more of your ideal clients and cases. 

86% of the time law firms don’t collect an email address and 45% fail to collect a phone number on the first call. 

  1. Improve Speed to Lead and Wow Clients 

Legal marketing experts know that getting a caller connected to someone who can help them fast is vital to beating out the competition and driving more conversions. Lead management tools and call tracking let your agents quickly connect and provide an exceptional experience for your callers. 

Law firms take an average of three or more days to respond to a prospect’s message 42% of the time

Tools like Smart Router and customizable IVR menus help with call routing and automatically connect agents with the highest priority callers first. Details from conversation analytics let your agents know important information about the caller before they even pick up the phone. 

They’ll know information like:

  • Which ad they viewed before calling
  • If they’ve paid a retainer yet
  • Are they a new or returning client

These AI-powered tools empower your team to perform at its best and help deliver a seamless, exceptional experience for your callers so you convert prospects to clients and keep clients loyal. 

  1. Gain Visibility into Your Sales Team’s Daily Activities

Call tracking, as part of your attribution strategy, lets you see what’s driving the calls and what happens once they are answered. This gives managers opportunities to discover which agents convert the highest-value clients and cases–and why. 

Teams can use this information to train less experienced sales agents and improve overall agent performance. It can also help new agents to start off strong. 

  1. Streamline Your Tech Stack

Marketers and sales agents have software platforms they rely on like Google Analytics, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more. Adding call tracking to your mix enhances those tools so you get even more from them.  

No-code and low-code integrations (and Open API and lambda functions developers love!) make it easy. Your team can also connect with just about any app with Zapier and Make. 

“The first thing I loved about CallTrackingMetrics was the reporting. When I saw all the ways I was able to slice the data, I thought to myself: This is amazing!”
-Jessica Eddowes, Vice President Digital & eCommerce, Lice Clinics of America

Call Tracking Reveals Hidden Insights

Call tracking for lawyers–or any industry that gets phone calls–unlocks the full potential of your marketing and sales efforts to drive more revenue and build successful client relationships. 

Learn more about how call tracking helps lawyers in our client, Hennessey Digital’s Video Testimonial