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Announcements Got a Makeover!

by CallTrackingMetrics

Notice anything different today on We’re thrilled to launch our new website, complete with an enhanced navigation menu and several key pages sharing more about how you can use CallTrackingMetrics—not to mention a fresh take on our branding and design!

This update has been a long time in the making as our team works to increase awareness about how companies across industries find solutions for their business using CallTrackingMetrics. Our Director of Marketing, Erika Rollins, shares, “The new website and refreshed logo are an opportunity for us to enhance the understanding and value of CallTrackingMetrics to the markets we serve. We wanted to highlight our product’s core differentiators, such as our ability to automate your team’s workflow and communications, as well as the professional consulting services and live support we offer.” Read on to learn more about the changes and what’s new!

A New Look for CallTrackingMetrics

We set out to freshen up our website from top to bottom, and that included giving our logo a face lift as well. We updated the colors and tweaked our traditional softphone graphic to give it a more modern look:

From the outset, Kevin Pedini, our lead creative designer and front-end developer on this project, imagined incorporating more of our team culture into the look of the product. He wanted to represent our team’s friendly and inviting spirit, while also underscoring the stability and power of our platform. Pedini shares, “The updated deep blue and cyan color combination embodies the energy and drive that stems from our core values as a company, while new stand-alone illustrations help depict the key pieces of our platform’s functionality in a fun, approachable way.” The graphic below, for instance, was created to demonstrate visually how dynamic number insertion works.

Explore Our Enhanced Navigation Menu

Our new navigation highlights the primary features and solutions we offer our customers. Dive into key pages explaining call tracking and automation, as well as how you can unify all your communication channels, including text messages and forms, within our platform.

We also wanted to bring forward our robust resources for learning more about using CallTrackingMetrics. Discover dedicated pages for our Support Hub, Training Calendar (filled with free opportunities to learn more about our product), and more via the Learning tab in the new menu. And for anyone looking for more hands-on professional support, we also highlight our customizable Professional Services and Dedicated Support packages.

Discover Key Pages

With so much you can do with CallTrackingMetrics, we wanted to make it easier for businesses to learn more about how to make the most of our platform. Our new Solutions pages dedicated to focusing on the tools that businesses and agencies of all sizes are using on our platform.

That said, you’re certainly not pigeonholed into these categories when you join CallTrackingMetrics. Customers across different industries have access to our full suite of features, dependent on the plan you select. While a small business might start off focusing solely on call tracking, many evolve to adopt the automation tools popular on our Contact Center plans. Our focus on sharing customer stories throughout the new site demonstrates how others are using CallTrackingMetrics to grow their business.

We have more improvements on the horizon as we continue to develop our product and the resources we offer. Be sure to let us know what you think of the new look and share your feedback on what you want to see next from CallTrackingMetrics!