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CallTrackingMetrics Expands International Coverage

by Erika Rollins

CallTrackingMetrics now offers tracking phone numbers in 74 countries including local and toll free numbers in Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brazil. In addition to voice connectivity, many of these phone numbers also support the ability to send and receive text messages.  

CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) helps businesses determine which ad campaigns are performing by associating phone numbers to each campaign. The availability of phone numbers globally provides businesses the flexibility to display local phone numbers to each target market. CTM’s website makes it easy to purchase local or toll free numbers in each country, configure them, and to view pricing and usage fees by country.

CTM’s call tracking reporting engine combines critical sales and marketing data into a single tool that businesses can use to optimize marketing efforts and sales team performance on a global scale. Businesses can see which numbers are being called, by which leads, and what actions those people have taken online. Additionally, they gain visibility into the performance of their sales team through call recording, transcriptions, scoring and speech analysis.

Many global companies run regional and local ad campaigns through their websites, and they want clients to embrace them as local service providers. CTM’s GeoContact feature allows a business to display a phone numbers on their website that is local to the area from which the web visitor is browsing. Business owners can combine this feature with geographical routing to direct calls to the appropriate location and/or sales agent best equipped to handle that call.

To learn more about how CallTrackingMetrics is supporting companies around the globe, visit or call (888) 898-0513.