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Why is Marketing Attribution Important in Behavioral Healthcare? 

by CallTrackingMetrics

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Marketing attribution is important in behavioral healthcare for many reasons. From connecting with someone seeking help faster to understanding which marketing messages resonate best with your audience, marketing attribution provides vital details that support agents and teams to reach more people in need. Behavioral healthcare refers to mental health and substance use disorder treatment. Behavioral healthcare is often used interchangeably with mental health as well as addiction treatment. Behavioral healthcare includes both. 

Graphic showing stat that one in four Americans needs mental health or substance abuse treatment each year.

Behavioral healthcare is more sought after today than ever before. One in four Americans needs mental health or substance abuse treatment every year. This equals millions of Americans seeking help for issues so serious that it quite literally, can mean life or death. Connecting these individuals to the help they need, as fast as possible, is critical.

Time is Crucial in Behavioral Healthcare 

When someone who needs help reaches out, behavioral healthcare organizations need to be there–any time of the day or night. Nowhere is the promptness of communication, and targeted communications more important than in behavioral healthcare. 

For this audience, the right message, at the right time takes on a whole new meaning. 

At CallTrackingMetrics, many of our customers are behavioral healthcare organizations. Our automation tools help them deliver fast, round-the-clock service and our attribution tools help to better target prospective patients and families. These tools enable more people and families in need to get the help they deserve when they most need it.

When our customers are asked, ‘Why is marketing attribution important in behavioral healthcare?’ they have a variety of responses. But overall, here are four of the most popular–and sought-after–benefits of marketing attribution for behavioral healthcare organizations:

4 Answers to Why is Marketing Attribution Important in Behavioral Healthcare

  1. Faster Connections, Omnichannel Communications

Effective, omnichannel communication is core to the success of getting someone into mental health or addiction treatment. Being able to connect quickly, on multiple channels can make or break it in this fast-moving industry. 

Often, someone who either has a mental health or substance use issue or a family member calls spontaneously. It’s vital that at this time there is an agent available to connect with them. Tools like virtual agents, Smart Router, Smart Dialer, and FormReactor ensure that when someone reaches out, they get immediate help. 

Graphic showing why marketing attribution is important for faster responses and better tracking.

Take it a step further with AI-powered tools like AskAI and sentiment analysis to determine key facts about the call instantly. Automatically categorize and tag calls based on factors like:

  • Was it an urgent or non-urgent call
  • Was it a prospective patient? Family member? Or counselor? 
  • Where is the caller based? 

Automated call scoring lets agents know which calls to focus on first–and it’s automatically queued up for them! No more wasting time listening to voicemails or returning calls to unqualified leads. These tools automate scoring and create summaries of calls so agents can personalize interactions. Personalization in any industry can make the difference between an admission or a lost opportunity. 

  1. Targeted, Fine-tuned Messages and Campaigns

When you use call tracking and AI-powered tools like transcriptions, keyword spotting, sentiment analysis, and AskAI, teams are able to determine which channels, ads, campaigns, and keywords are getting the most traction–and with who! 

Often family members of individuals with mental health or substance abuse issues are the first to reach out. But, there are also many people seeking treatment who begin to research different solutions online. For each of these individuals, the messaging, channels, and method of communication will probably be different. 

With full attribution and details about visitors provided by call tracking, marketing teams will know which ads and keywords are resonating the most effectively with family members and which with prospects themselves. This lets writers and strategists fine-tune both content strategies and ad content to reach the most people in need of help. 

Mental health and substance use disorders are sensitive subjects. They both can be difficult to talk about. For this reason, understanding which messages are reaching and being well-received by the audience is more important than ever. Knowing what to say and how to say it can make a difference in someone’s life and whether they seek help or not. 

  1. Full Visibility and Closed-loop Attribution

Another answer to, why is marketing attribution necessary for behavioral healthcare, is that when it’s paired with call tracking, marketing and sales teams are aligned and get the full attribution picture. This is often referred to as closed-loop attribution.

Marketers often have an easy time tracking online activity, but, when the visitor takes it offline with a phone call the trail suddenly goes cold. Call tracking enables those calls to be accounted for too. In behavioral healthcare, this is particularly important. 

Often, family members and individuals seeking help will call spontaneously. It’s important to understand their journey before they call so teams can understand which ads, campaigns, and channels are most effective in helping to motivate them to take action. 

Additionally, with all the dots in your data connected–and visible in one dashboard–teams can begin to detect patterns. The ads are working best and driving the highest conversions can be maximized and teams can also replicate those messages in poor-performing ads or channels. 

Graphic showing why marketing attribution is important in determining connecting dots in geographic patterns.

Often behavioral healthcare organizations have multiple locations. When teams track these activities for all locations, you can find which locations are doing best, which aren’t doing great, and determine from this data what poor-performing locations should be doing differently. 

4 . Nurture Relationships and Build Trust

There may not be any industry where establishing trust with your prospects is more important. As mentioned, it’s often a life-or-death situation. Building trust often takes time, and in this industry that isn’t always available. 

Marketing attribution and marketing automation tools help behavioral healthcare organizations to build that trust faster. This is another answer to the question, why is marketing attribution important in behavioral healthcare? 

With AI-powered tools like a virtual agent, you can be sure not only that those in need are getting immediate attention, but they’re also getting the same message, in the same tone in every interaction. This consistent messaging helps support your organization’s branding and builds trust with your audience. 

Additionally, using tools like AskAI, transcriptions, and sentiment analysis, calls can be automatically summarized so the next agent knows what the last call was about, who the caller is, and even what was suggested on the last call. This removes the need for the caller to repeat key details they already told someone to quicken the process and provide a better and more personalized experience for the patient. 

How to Get Started with Marketing Attribution in Behavioral Healthcare

If you’re new to marketing attribution or want to level up your current efforts, you may not be sure where to start. Marketing attribution can seem overwhelming depending on how much you know about it and your experience with it. Nonetheless, if you aren’t using marketing attribution, you could be wasting money and time. 

Finding a platform for marketing attribution that includes call tracking is essential, especially in behavioral healthcare. Phone calls can be such a big part of how this audience communicates, it’s vital to connect those calls to the ads driving them–and to the people that can best help. Be sure whatever platform you choose offers call tracking and attribution like CallTrackingMetrics. 

You’ll also want to consider a platform that can scale with your organization. Most businesses have plans to grow and it’s important to get software that easily scales and also doesn’t cost a fortune to do so. CTM offers unlimited sub-accounts and users so you can scale seamlessly and without incurring huge costs. 

Learn more about how marketing attribution tools like call tracking can help behavior healthcare organizations.