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5 Reasons to Love Our New Direct Google Ads Integration

by CallTrackingMetrics

Our Google Ads Direct Connect integration launched last month, and we’re still pretty stoked about it. Our customers are too. The new integration makes capturing conversions much more seamless, so you can focus your energy on driving better leads and more revenue from your ads. Here are five reasons why you should check it out now:

#1: True Bi-Directional Communication

The new integration connects directly with Google Ads’ API, so conversion data flows freely between Google Ads and CallTrackingMetrics. You can capture and analyze metrics all within CallTrackingMetrics and no longer need to rely on Google Analytics to chaperone conversion data back and forth between the platforms.

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#2: Instantly Connect Accounts at the Agency Level

Agency partners, this one’s for you! You can now automatically match multiple sub-accounts in CallTrackingMetrics to Google Ads accounts with the click of a button. This makes set-up straightforward and painless, whether you have a handful of sub-accounts or hundreds.

#3: Customize and Automate Your Conversions

You have full control over what counts as a conversion in CallTrackingMetrics, whether it’s a phone call that lasts over two minutes or a form fill. Choose what metrics matter to your business and automate sending that data into Google Ads. You can also map any conversion actions you’ve already configured in Google Ads into CallTrackingMetrics so both platforms are aligned around what you want to track.

#4: Capture Every Conversion

Don’t let any valuable data get lost in translation. CallTrackingMetrics is one of the few providers with the ability to directly influence conversions for click-to-call and click-to-landing pages in Google Ads, versus simply mapping the data between platforms.

#5: Monitor Your Key Data Points

New diagnostic reports offer high-level conversion metrics at a glance, such as cost-per-call and call through rate, along with recommendations on how to quickly optimize your pages for call tracking. We’ll surface any errors, such as a page missing its tracking code, so you can easily catch and troubleshoot before you lose out on valuable data.

Want to see the Google Ads Direct Connect integration in action?

Check out our recent webinar below. You can also preview the slide deck here.

Get started with the new integration in your account by following these steps.

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