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That’s a Wrap! Best of 2022 Blogs, Webinars, and Resources

by CallTrackingMetrics

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As 2022 comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to say thank you to our valued customers for making it another great year. We also want to welcome those new to CallTrackingMetrics and invite everyone to take a look at what we offer and check out our ‘Best of 2022’ list. 

We hope you enjoy exploring some of our most popular blogs, podcasts, webinars, and more of 2022 as well as a few company highlights.

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Graphic showing the best blogs of 2022 at CTM.

Most Read Blogs

Our content team works hard to deliver the latest and most up-to-date content on the topics that matter the most to you. From how to get ready for GA4 and marketing attribution to SEO tips and ways to maximize your budget with call tracking, we covered a gamut of topics in 2022. Here are our most popular blogs from 2022:

  1. Preparing for the Difference Between GA4 and Universal Analytics
  2. How to Measure SEO Success
  3. What is Call Scoring? 
Best videos of 2022 graphic.

Most Watched Videos

Our video team brings their creative flair to the table with every video they produce and deliver information and helpful videos so our customers learn new ways to take advantage of CTM’s tools and to help newcomers get a better understanding of what call tracking is and how it can help teams to prove ROI and consistently drive revenue.  We also aim to give you an inside look into our team and culture. For this list of most watched videos we’re including four; two product-focused and two of our fun-focused. Here are our most-watched videos from 2022:


  1. Call Tracking to Stretch Your Marketing Budget 
  2. Enhancing Marketing Efforts with Multi-touch Attribution 


  1. A fun peek into office life at CTM
  2. Best Workplaces Confetti Cannon
Best of 2022 Case Studies graphic showing covers of three.

Most Read Case Studies

One of the best parts of our jobs is to tell the story of our customers who have experienced big wins since they started working with us. When you win, we win and our team is dedicated to making that happen. From seeing a 70% increase in customer retention rates to a conversion rate of 85%, far above industry standard, our customers have amazing success stories that we love to share. Here are our most-read Case Studies of 2022:

  1. How Call Tracking Supports this Agency’s Closed-loop Marketing Efforts
  2. Finding Business Success with CTM’s Text Messaging Software
  3. Call Tracking and Marketing Attribution Win Big in the Home Services Industry

Most Downloaded Resource 

Providing you with resources like guides and eBooks on important topics, useful infographics, podcasts with industry experts, and videos to help you understand marketing attribution and call tracking better, we aim to deliver what you need, when you need it. While we created some very well-received resources this year, these were the most downloaded resources of 2022:

  1. The Modern Keyword Research Playbook
  2. Report: State of Data-driven Marketing
  3. Infographic: Solve Top Data Challenges & Prove ROI with Call Tracking
Images of hosts of GA4 webinar, the best webinar of 2022.

Most Popular Webinar

As the winter months set in it’s nice to remember the warmer days of summer filled with fun and sun including our record-breaking Google Summer Camp. Leading the charge on GA4, our team of experts hosted a webinar in July and gathered with hundreds of attendees to help them learn more about how to prepare for GA4. Our team also provided an entire month of resources like newsletters, blogs, and podcasts to support our customers in the transition to GA4 and show them how to get the most out of Google and CallTrackingMetrics. In 2023, we plan to offer more opportunities for informative and valuable webinars.  Here is our most popular webinar in 2022 and to date:

  1. Google Summer Camp

Most Popular Feature Updates, Improvements, and Additions, New Integrations 

CallTrackingMetrics regularly updates features and the functionality of its marketing attribution and call center software. These changes–often driven by direct customer feedback–help our customers and their clients continue to easily and efficiently scale within the platform and get more from our software. Here are the most popular feature updates of 2022:

  1. GA4
  2. Multi-touch Attribution
  3. Global Automation
  4. Google Ads Updates
Graphic of best social media posts of 2022.

Most Popular Social Posts 

Our social media team is always hard at work to deliver interesting and relevant content. It’s no surprise that so many of our customers love to engage with our social channels to get more insight into our company, culture–and of course our award-winning software! 

  1. Top shared: Inc Best Workplaces
  2. Top liked: CTMmy Awards
  3. Top clicked: Settling into our new office
Images of three best podcasts of 2022.

Most Listened To Smart Route Podcasts

The Smart Route Podcast completed its second year of production in 2022 with 12 episodes including industry experts from Google, StoryBrand, TikTok, and more. Here are our most-listened-to podcasts in 2022:

  1. Your Top Influencer Marketing Questions Answered
  2. Stop Confusing Customers! Use the StoryBrand Framework
  3. Goodbye SEO! Rank and Convert Everywhere with DMO

5 of Our Most Noteworthy Highlights of 2022

Each year our innovative teams work hard to bring customers not just what they need when it comes to call tracking and marketing attribution but also what they want. In addition, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to deliver value. Here are seven highlights from 2022: 

1. New Office Space

At the end of 2021, we packed up and moved to a brand-new office space in Millersville, Maryland. We have now been in our new space for a full year and we love it! One of the benefits of the office space is that not only does it facilitate innovation, collaboration, and communication for our teams, but we’ve also been able to share this space with industry professionals. 

In December, we hosted the American Marketing Association of Baltimore’s Holiday Party as well as Naptown Scoop and Peake Social’s Holiday Sweater Party.  We look forward to doing more with organizations as well as bringing our customers into our new space to get a first-hand look at how CTM operates on a daily basis. 

2. Partner Program

Our partner program completed its first full year in 2022.  This year we welcomed many new partners and engaged in numerous co-marketing opportunities with both new and tenured partners. Thank you to all of our new partners for joining us and to our more tenured ones for growing with us!  A lot of exciting things happened with our partner ecosystem this year. Some of the highlights include:

Pie chart showing all the new and one year tenured partners at CTM.
  • 160 new partners joined
  • 45 partners celebrated one year of partnership with CTM
  • 10 Co-marketing endeavors completed

This includes five podcasts with partners as guest speakers, two case studies, one guest blog exchange, and one partner event in Miami! We have lots more in store for 2023 so stay tuned. 

Thanks to those partners who engaged in co-marketing opportunities with us: 

  • WhiteShark Media
  • AgencyAnalytics
  • Leadhub
  • ClickCease
  • AudioGO
  • StubGroup
  • ContactCloud
  • Br8kthru
  • BizMktg

Our partners gathered with our experts to discuss GA4 and our Google Enhancements.  The insight was valuable for all involved. 

In addition to these highlights, we launched our partner directory, gave partners a second easy way to earn with the ability to submit leads to our sales team, and hosted regular events to connect our partners with internal stakeholders at CTM. We’ve built the foundation for our partner community and we look forward to 2023 being our best partner year yet.

Learn more about our Partner Ecosystem. 

3. New Website Launch 

In October 2022 we launched our new website. As with all new websites, a lot went into this project to bring our customers and prospects a more streamlined, user-friendly experience. We also followed the StoryBrand framework to create a better user experience. Hopefully, by now you’ve had a chance to check it out but if not, why not pay a visit now? 


4. CTMmy Winners

As mentioned, our Core Values are at the center of everything we do at CTM. In fact, they’re so important to us that each year we celebrate them by honoring those employees who have demonstrated one of the core values the most. Let’s give one more shout-out to our 2022 CTMmy Winners

  • James Wicks – We are Community-driven
  • Kevin Pedini – Champion of Innovation
  • Joanna Dinh – Champion of Innovation
  • Matt Horstmann – We are Customer-centric
  • Jeremy Wingate – We Work with Purpose

Who will win in 2023??

5. Community Outreach and Social Justice Committee 

At CTM we have a very active and robust Community Outreach and Social Justice Committee. This group is dedicated to helping others in the community on a regular basis. In fact, for many of them, it’s an integral part of their lives. This year the group has grown and the number of lives they’ve been able to positively impact has grown along with it. 

One of the perks of being a CTM employee is that you get VTO time each year. This enables employees to take time during the week to engage with coworkers and other community members and help those who are less fortunate. CTM makes that possible for all employees. What’s more, employees love that they can bring their kids to some of the volunteer events, like making sandwiches for the homeless and working in community gardens. This helps them not just give back to others but to spend time with their children teaching them to do the same. 

We’re proud of how much good our team did in 2022 and here are a few of the highlights: 

Images of CTM employees volunteering using VTO time.
  • 22 FULL backpacks, including all of the school supplies, were donated for local children through Operation Backpack
  • 15 local children were ‘adopted’ and provided with their entire Christmas lists through The Arc – Maryland. (Families were also provided a gift card to purchase necessities for their Christmas dinners.)
  • Dozens of dogs and cats were played with and walked at BARCS animal shelter in Baltimore. (We also collected supplies, food, and warm bedding.)
  • Celebrated Juneteenth with a potluck, educational videos, and a comprehensive history quiz for onsite and remote employees.
  • Two full collection boxes were filled and donated through Anne Arundel County Food Bank to help local families facing food insecurity.
  • 1,000 Maryland families were supported during the holidays with $500 raised, gifts, and turkey deliveries through Santa’s Helpers Anonymous non-profit organization.

The committee is looking forward to doing even more in 2023. Based on 2022’s growth, it’s well within reach.  Here’s a look at 2022 and how the committee changed: 

  • Grew from 4 to 12 members
  • Experienced a 344% YoY increase of VTO usage 
  • Enjoyed a 53% company-wide participation rate
  • Matched employee donations to more than 15 different charities

Looking Forward to 2023

While 2022 certainly had its twists and turns, we are grateful for another successful year at CTM. We hope you look back on 2022 with great memories and look forward to 2023. At CTM, we have a few surprises in store for the new year so stay tuned to learn more. Learn more about call tracking and attribution or CallTrackingMetrics’ company culture.