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Generate Instant Callbacks to Customers Using Online Forms

by CallTrackingMetrics

One of the most common ways businesses capture leads and customers indicate interest in a new service or product is through online forms. What happens next, and how quickly your business can get in touch with a customer, can often make or break whether you win that customer’s business. According to Forbes Magazine, over 70% of online leads are wasted due to the fact that the average time it takes for the sales team to reach out to the lead is 46 hours and 53 minutes. The odds of contacting an online lead within the first 5 minutes is 100 times more likely than the same lead being contacted 30 minutes later.

At CallTrackingMetrics, we’ve built our own online form tool called FormReactor® to help instantly automate your team’s process for getting in touch with customers as soon as they fill out your webform. Read on to discover how to generate automatic calls to customers as soon as they submit an interest form, and other creative use cases for FormReactor.

What is the FormReactor?

The FormReactor® is a powerful form that can be embedded on your website or landing page, and automatically trigger actions whenever someone fills it out. Businesses may use web forms on a Contact Us or Sales Demo page to generate leads and capture customer information.

You may have tried other online form creators, perhaps through your marketing automation software or with tools like Jotform or Typeform. While these are helpful for collecting customer data and knowing when to reach out to prospective customers, few of these options empower you to actually automate activities, such as generating a phone call to the customer, as soon as the info is submitted.

How can I use online forms?

One of the most effective ways our clients use FormReactor is to generate automatic phone calls or text messages to a customer as soon as they fill out a click to call form on their website. A phone call is automatically triggered seconds after the form is submitted, connecting the person who just filled out the form to a sales representative. Clients are very impressed when they don’t even have to wait 5 minutes for a call back, increasing the odds of closing the lead and making the sale. Plus, you eliminate the need for staff members to constantly check for form submission updates or notification emails since the entire process is automated within CallTrackingMetrics.

Respond to your form fills as quickly as possible and win the business by triggering instant calls or texts from your team.

Others use automated text messages to communicate quickly with customers. One of our top franchise clients, for instance, uses FormReactor® to generate an automatic text message to a customer as soon as they submit their info to request an appointment, letting them know they have received the request and someone from their local office will be in touch shortly.

Clients also use FormReactor® to generate internal queries to staff or to create a support ticket for contact center agents. You can also create custom form fields that map data into third party systems.

Since FormReactor is native to CallTrackingMetrics, we’re able to connect all your valuable campaign and session data for the customer to the information they submit in the form. For instance, you’ll be able to see the customer’s journey from what they were searching for before they came to your site, to how they navigated your site and landed on your form page, as well as other relevant visitor data alongside their submitted customer info.

Having this full picture of the customer’s journey to form conversion will be especially helpful for your sales and support teams in their future online and offline interactions with them.

With all this info in one place, you’ll be able to better understand your marketing efforts, while also driving efficiency and results for your team.

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