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How CallTrackingMetrics Helps Our Clients Close More Sales and Make More Money

by Jessica Michaels

If 20% of your advertising is driving 80% of your sales, don’t you want to know as much as possible about that 20%?

As a results-driven, pay-per-click advertising agency ranked by Google in the top 5% of Google’s Partners worldwide, StubGroup Advertising uses CallTrackingMetrics to track the phone calls our clients receive from their PPC campaigns (e.g. Google AdWords, Bing Ads). But CTM’s value doesn’t end there. We use that data to optimize campaigns so that we spend money on the keywords and campaigns that work.

Here are 3 of the ways we use CallTrackingMetrics to improve our clients’ PPC advertising, help them close more sales, and make them more money.

1. Record Phone Calls

Knowing the number of calls you receive from a particular source (e.g. AdWords) is good, but knowing exactly how many of those callers become customers is better.

By using CallTrackingMetrics, our clients can go back and listen to every call they receive from their PPC campaigns. This helps them identify their most relevant phone leads and also understand the true ROI they’re receiving from their ad spend. Even more importantly, once we import this conversion data into our clients’ PPC accounts, we can uncover the unique patterns and trends within the campaigns that are driving our clients’ most valuable phone leads. This equips us to strategically allocate more budget and higher bids to the campaign elements delivering our clients the most value (and scale back spend in under-performing areas), as well as modify ad copy and make other performance optimizations based on the specific questions and needs callers are communicating to our clients.

Recording phone calls also allows our clients to monitor how well they and their employees are handling lead conversations, which provides them important insights into their sales processes and opportunities for improvement. More on that in point #3.

2. Schedule Calls Around Business Hours

Some of our clients need to receive phone calls on their business line(s) during normal business hours, and then redirect those calls to a personal cell phone after hours. CallTrackingMetrics makes that possible with just a few clicks.

Within CallTrackingMetrics, we can set up rules for our clients so that if someone doesn’t answer a call within “X” number of rings, that call is then forwarded to a different phone number. Or, we can create unique voice menus and route calls based on which keys a caller presses.

This is one of the features our clients enjoy most about CallTrackingMetrics — it’s not just a call tracking solution. CTM can be a full-service call routing and receiving platform, through which your reps answer phone calls, make outbound phone calls, receive texts, and more.

3. Turn More Callers into Customers

Business is all about rates. At what rate does your ad spend drive revenue? At what rate do your customers remain with you month-by-month? At what rate do people click your ads? And, at what rate do your leads become customers?

Our clients can listen to their recorded phone calls to analyze their internal sales process and improve their conversion rates. This helps them identify problems and solutions such as:

  • Problem #1: Leads and/or customers are asking questions the reps can’t answer.
  • Solution #1: Compile an FAQ database that reps can use during calls.
  • Problem #2: One of the reps sound unenthusiastic/grumpy on the phone.
  • Solution #2: Have the rep listen to some example calls, then encourage the rep with ideas for improving their call handling.
  • Problem #3: Calls being received during business hours are going unanswered.
  • Solution #3: Put processes in place (call forwarding, etc.) so that someone is available to answer live calls as frequently as possible.

The more our clients increase their conversion rates, the less expensive and more profitable each new customer acquisition becomes.

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