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Marketing Automation for Agencies: Top 5 Benefits

by CallTrackingMetrics

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There are many types of tools that perform marketing automation for agencies. From HubSpot and Constant Contact to Salesforce and Klaviyo, the list of software that performs some type of marketing automation is nearly endless–and growing. Each takes some type of manual task, like sending emails or posting on social media sites, and automates it. This leaves more time for marketing professionals to engage in higher-level tasks. 

If you’re looking to automate tasks for your marketing agency or marketing team, you can probably find software that does just about every tedious task you’d rather not do. 

These tools help to streamline tedious processes and tasks, maximize your employees’ skills and talents, and do more with your marketing budget. You might ask, “Yes, but is it worth it?” After all, marketing automation tools can be an investment, both in budget and setup.  

Thankfully, the statistics speak for themselves. Data shows that using marketing automation tools increases leads by more than 80%. What’s more, 75% of those surveyed, reported they have increased their conversion rate since implementing marketing automation. 

One Robust Platform for All Your Marketing Automation Needs

The best marketing automation for agencies includes tools that automate and manage multiple types of marketing and sales tasks. Instead of jumping from one platform to the next, one robust, customizable platform can house all of your automation needs, workflows, and data. This saves teams time and improves efficiency. 

Increasingly more of these tools are powered by AI. AI-powered marketing attribution tools empower agencies to maximize their workforce, streamline tasks, and execute a successful marketing strategy for multiple clients, across multiple accounts. 

5 Benefits of Marketing Automation for Agencies

1. Improve Efficiency

Tools powered by AI are all the buzz today, and with good reason. AI-powered tools help organizations do more with less and maximize their employees’ skill sets. From AI-powered tools like those that support content generation and keyword research to getting firsthand customer insights, the benefits of marketing automation for agencies are impressive. 

One of our customers’ favorite marketing automation tools is AskAI powered by ChatGPT. This tool lets you set up specified questions to be automatically answered after a customer call, text, or chat.

Graphic showing questions and answers from AskAI.

These answers can then be viewed in the caller’s details or your dashboard to quickly and easily understand the most important details of conversations in minutes. What used to take hours to sift through calls and recordings to find is now automated and takes mere minutes. 

AskAI can answer questions and provide information like: 

  • A one to two-sentence summary of a call
  • What was the sentiment of this call? 
  • Was this a successful call? 
  • Is this a good lead?
  • What was the caller’s intent on this call? 

In addition, when paired with marketing automation tools, these summaries can then prompt next steps like callbacks and follow-up text messages. All saving time for your agency and clients and promoting an exceptional customer experience for all. 

2. Optimize Google Ads

AT CTM, we’re pretty proud of all the benefits our direct connection with Google Ads delivers to our agency customers and their clients. This bi-directional integration means conversion data is automatically sent from phone calls, texts, and chats in CTM directly to Google Ads where it’s used to automatically optimize your campaigns. 

But that’s not all.

Agencies can also integrate with Google Ads Call Details Forwarding. This provides even more attribution information from your phone calls coming from call-only ads, call extensions, and local extensions giving your agency and clients the full attribution picture. All of this information is automatically shared between platforms, another important use of marketing automation for agencies. 

Graphic showing Google paid ad for ABC plumbing

3. Sync Data

Speaking of seamlessly sharing information between platforms, integrations are another great way to take advantage of a type of marketing automation for agencies. Integrations enable software platforms to essentially ‘connect’ to share data either from one platform to the other or both ways. 

Marketing agencies and marketers are notorious for their love of robust tech stacks. And many marketers don’t want to part with–and in many cases can’t–some of the tools they’ve adopted and learned. That’s where integrations come in. Integrations make it easy to get the best of both worlds. 

Some types of software platforms, like CTM, offer no-code and low-code integrations with marketers’ favorite tools that make it easy to sync your data. This lets teams keep their favorite tech stack tools and manage all the data in one, easy-to-view dashboard. 

Be sure to look out for a platform that easily integrates with tools like:

Graphic showing logos for CTM integrations like Facebook, Google ads, Salesforce, and more.

Another integration benefit is a platform with an open API. This lets your developers easily sync with just about any other type of software you’re using. 

4. Gain Customer Insight

What a lot of marketers are missing out on is data from phone calls. While the digital trail may be easy to follow, the trail often goes cold when someone picks up the phone. For many industries, phone calls are a big part of business–and conversion rates for phone calls are often high. Missing data within these conversations is a big mistake and could cost you (and your clients). 

Tools like recordings and transcriptions, as well as AI-powered tools like keyword spotting and sentiment analysis, give your team and your clients this vital information from phone calls. AI-powered tools and other marketing automation tools make these processes happen–instantly and with ease. 

Graphic showing transcriptions and how they help marketing automation for agencies.

This type of marketing automation for agencies allows you to meet the needs of varied clients. These tools let you automatically: 

  • Transcribe recorded calls 
  • Translate transcriptions into different languages
  • Trigger alerts and actions when certain keywords or sentiments are detected
  • Uncover deeper insight into which keywords are being used by your audience
  • Gain a better understanding of your target audience and their needs
  • Train and coach contact center agents for optimum performance

These conversation intelligence tools, help agencies not only understand their audience better but also connect with them faster and improve conversations to better meet the customers’ needs. 

5. Score Activities Automatically 

Another favorite marketing automation tool for agencies is activity scoring. Activity scoring, also called call scoring, means just what it suggests. Automatically scoring activities like calls, texts, chats, and more. 

Activities like these are automatically scored based on criteria you customize,  which then triggers workflows based on the scores. Calls or activities are able to be prioritized and then routed with the SmartRouter to the contact center agent they spoke with before or the one best suited to help them. 

Graphic showing activity scoring a great benefit of marketing automation for agencies.

Teams will also know at a glance which activities are considered good leads and which aren’t. With scoring, leads considered ‘hot’ can automatically receive a follow-up text letting them know someone will be in touch soon or sharing more information on the topic they were talking about. 

Activity scoring and automation not only speed up processes and helps teams more effectively prioritize, but it also creates an exceptional customer experience. When you’re able to provide a great experience for your clients and their customers, everyone wins!

There are many benefits to marketing automation for agencies. As AI-powered software and tools continue to grow, so too will the benefits. These tools can help agencies do more with less and stretch their marketing budgets to do more for the clients they serve. 

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