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Stackmatix, Tutor Doctor, and CTM: Closing Attribution Gaps and Aligning Teams

by CallTrackingMetrics

Stackmatix is a leading startup growth partner that scales clients’ businesses efficiently and is a four-and-a-half-year agency partner of CallTrackingMetrics. As expert users and facilitators of CTM, Stackmatix was able to utilize key features to solve three core problems that were inhibiting growth for their client, Tutor Doctor. 

Tutor Doctor, a global tutoring franchise based in Toronto, Canada, with hundreds of franchises around the world, brought on Stackmatix in 2018 to help with their marketing efforts and to solve some recurring problems that had plagued growth efforts. 

Already experienced users of CTM, the team at Stackmatix knew that implementing call tracking along with certain product features would solve Tutor Doctor’s core problems and take their marketing, branding, and analytics to the next level. 

“CallTrackingMetrics is an integral part of any marketing stack where phone calls need to be tracked. We rely on CTM to get the most accurate reporting so we can optimize campaigns for our clients most efficiently. We’ve tested various solutions and there are none better than CallTrackingMetrics!”

– Matt Pru, Managing Partner, Stackmatix

Tutor Doctor was experiencing three main problems that Stackmatix set out to solve: 

  1. Skewed Google Ads campaign data
  2. Mismatch between desired brand perception and actual market perception
  3. Misalignment between franchise performance

Leaning into certain CTM features like advanced, no-code integrations, and call recording options, Stackmatix was able to leverage these advanced tools to solve Tutor Doctor’s problems. 

Problem One: Inaccurate Google Ads Attribution Data

Using Google’s native call tracking solution, Tutor Doctor had reported that the call tracking for their Google Ads campaigns was severely underreporting the number of calls their ad campaigns were actually driving. This issue was compounded by the fact that Google’s call tracking solution made it impossible to filter out spam, junk, or duplicate calls. Stackmatix was only able to effectively track 50% of all calls prior to implementing CallTrackingMetrics. 

Solution: Native, No-code Integrations

Stackmatix was able to help Tutor Doctor implement CTM’s native Zapier integration. This enabled the team to send key details like caller number, call duration, caller location, the ad viewed, keyword in ad clicked, etc. about each call into a spreadsheet to finally get a proper understanding of exactly how many calls the ad campaigns had driven. 

This no-code integration with CTM also made it possible to filter out any calls that were 30 seconds or less, which they were able to confirm were mostly spam calls. They accomplished this using CTM’s dual-channel call recordings and transcriptions. 

Results: Accurately Attribute 40% of Conversions to Google Ads

Stackmatix tracked data over time and found that 40% of Tutor Doctor’s conversions were from calls from Google Ads. It would have been impossible to attribute these conversions accurately if it wasn’t for CallTrackingMetrics native integrations with Zapier and Google Ads. Since implementing CallTrackingMetrics, Tutor Doctor now experiences 95% more accurate attribution data for Google Ads. 

CTM offers more than 40 native, no-code integrations that dev teams love. From turn-key integrations with Google Analytics and Google Ads to integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot, our integrations let you seamlessly connect with the tech stack you already use. 

Problem Two: Large Numbers of Unqualified Leads

Tutor Doctor was experiencing a disconnect between their desired brand image and how they were being perceived in-market. This resulted in numerous calls for services not offered and confusion over pricing.  A core piece of Tutor Doctor’s value proposition was that it was a premium tutoring service that specialized in selling bulk packages for tutoring, usually a minimum of 10 sessions, for a select number of popular subjects. Tutor Doctor had no interest in selling single tutoring sessions and no desire to service subjects outside of their core expertise yet a large number of calls were for these services and contrary to their offerings. 

The Solution: Call Recordings 

Using call recordings, the teams were able to determine that the brand messaging needed to be changed to better reach their buyers. Tutor Doctor changed their messaging on both ads and landing pages to better reflect pricing and services. 

The Result: Significant Decrease in Unqualified Callers 

Tutor Doctor reported a much lower percentage of calls where prospects flaked due to a misunderstanding on price or subjects serviced.

CTM’s call recordings, call transcriptions, keyword spotting, and call scoring features let sales and marketing teams get the information they need to understand more about their ideal customer to fine-tune messaging and content strategies to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time–a key to success. 

Problem Three: Misalignment between Franchises

The third problem Tutor Doctor faced was that even if their ad campaigns drove high-quality leads, some franchisees in their network were far more adept at handling and closing those leads versus others. The best-performing branches closed at a rate of about 15% with the lowest-performing locations coming in at just a 3% close rate. 

The Solution: Call Recordings 

Once again, through the use of call recordings, Stackmatix was able to identify mistakes that certain franchises were making in their sales approach as well as what other franchises were doing well which was worthy of emulation. Stackmatix was able to use these findings to effectively coach teams across the network of franchises.  

The Results: Improved Sales Strategies and Close Rates

Stackmatix was able to disseminate these learnings across the network of franchises and in doing so, help all of them hone their sales strategy and increase their close rates.

Call recordings are a powerful tool to leverage first-party data to drive better-qualified leads, improve team performance and effectiveness, and increase conversions. Additionally, real-time coaching opportunities help to close more deals, and automated call scoring helps teams know exactly where to focus their efforts.  Learn more about scoring calls and other activities in our guide: Scoring for Sales and Marketing Success.

All in all, CallTrackingMetrics proved invaluable to Stackmatix in helping Tutor Doctor to achieve their growth goals and to increase their profitability. A major key to success was not only the CallTrackingMetrics software itself but also Stackmatix’s knowledge of how to implement certain features for Tutor Doctor. 

If you’re a startup looking for a growth partner, learn more about Stackmatix.

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